Ha, ha, ha! We're the

heroes! We don’t let people live in apartments anymore, because evil b!ches get jealous. And don’t be thinking about anything some funny guy said, in times of adversity, or we’ll put you in a straight jacket!

Yeah well, I can’t relate to them either.

It doesn’t have to be about you. The people it’s about, are well aware of who they are.

I don’t understand what you’re saying .

Pretty sure she doesn’t understand what she is saying, either.



People were just laughing like I’m being ridiculous after people like them made me homeless. Then acted like I was laughing about someone’s misfortune because something someone said was funny.

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Ok. Don’t give them a lot of weight in what they think. Just ignore them. They have no idea what’s going on so you should ignore them

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I understand perfectly well what I’m saying. The people like people who cause homelessness laugh at people and think they’re ridiculous, even though those people are superficial self centered narcissists who deliberately cause stupid problems. They lie about everything and come to stupid conclusions about everything you say and do. Because your life is supposed to revolve around stupid crap they plan deliberately.

You are full-on delusional about the level of targeting you think is directed at you. Worst case is that companies are scooping marketing info from your daily actions. Also a lot of what you post makes sense to you but is word salad to others. You REALLY need a strong med adjustment.


Well I think people who have to lie about everything, do. And I’m not talking about you. I think people who lie all the time are unbelievably dense and I don’t feel this is my problem.

Moving to unusual beliefs. Please post these beliefs about your tormentors in this section from now on @devra . You may believe them but others do not, so it qualifies as an unusual belief.

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