Gynecomastia surgery

Anyone get this surgery before?are there any danger for long term

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Why do you need this surgery? If your prolactine is causing it, change meds?

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Once they grow, they won’t shrink back down.

I have a few friends who had surgery to remove their breasts. Get a good plastic surgeon, and make sure to moisturize and change bandages as directed.


My prolactine fine.i used to have this problem before medicines.i got this surgery 2014 but now i m afraid is there any complication occur.

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@Ninjastar does sz patient who get this surgery what happen if lactate do you know

The guys I know are all trans. Some have breastfed children before. The anatomy is all the same up top. There are different types of surgery depending on how large the breasts are. Keyhole is the least invasive. They just cut around the nipples and suck out the fat until they look like pecs. But you only qualify if you have minimal curves.

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FTM Top Surgery Guide - FTM Surgery Resources this might help.

Can they do this for my big belly?

Liposuction for fat doesn’t look right. You’ll still have fat around the rest of your body and face.

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Once your breast tissue is removed, it can’t grow back. You won’t be able to lactate, even if your prolactin levels are high.

I want liposuction for all my body then lol

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If you’d ever seen a liposuction surgery you’d feel differently.

It’s brutal on your body.


Liposuction very dangerous operation.because you need that fat tissues removing fat tissue doesn t make you just will have hellishly weird body.long term effect of liposuction really serious


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