Gyms are open in france.. Gym rat saga


Ive been smoking weed to sleep and its been messing with me. Maybe this is the chance I need to get a good exercise in so I can finally crash without the stuff

A new chapter is beginning… The return of gym rat zwolfgang!! :smiley:

Tune in for more after I go and am probably sore because I havent worked out in 6 months lol


I haven’t worked out in 31 years. lol


Lol. Everyones different but I like it a lot. Probably because its a ‘high’ of sorts and Im an addict


macron got slapped today right ,…??? reason…


Yeah by some crazy guy. I believe Mein Kampf was involved lol

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Yeah its a high. Happy for you that gym is open.

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Thanks! Me too

A little nervous to go since its a new gym in a new city and I havent gone in awhile and am out of shape

Hopefully it passes when I get to working out

Good luck. Get in shape fast !
(Que tu regagnes vite ta forme d’avant !)

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Merci beaucoup! C’est vrai, la musculation est toujours!

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If it’s been 6 months I would go slow with the exercises.

I can go a month or two and it won’t affect anything with my workout , but I’ve been very active for the last 5 years

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Very true. Not gonna load up the bench bar with like 200 lbs right off the bat

Gotta work my way back up to where I was

How do you exercise mike?

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Well, I have an exercise bike, regular bicycle and a gym membership

But lately I’ve been going for donuts @ 5:00 a.m. instead of going to the gym at 5:00 a.m. like I’m supposed to.

But the gym is my regular routine. I do the eliptical there. I don’t like upper body

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That sounds like a lot of cardio, I bet you have tons of endurance!

Yeah I feel you on the donutsm Ive been eating terrible. I dont like working out in the morning, Im more of a late night guy.

I hear ya, only reason I do a lot of upper body is because I have very strong legs already, and my upper body is usually the weak spot, especially chest. Having broad shoulders but a weak chest looks weird so I try to maintain it as much as I can lol

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I wish I was doing what your doing now. The Ira are making me relapse this summer though, I had planned to get fitter and stronger was even running 8ks up until two weeks ago

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Is there no way for you to go to the gym and try to block them out with some tunes and putting all your energy into the weights or your breath when youre running? Maybe it would help as a way to cope with it

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I miss the gym too, mostly because of the “joggers high” not so much regarding the results
I hope it works out for you nonetheless

Here’s an inspirational music lol

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Ahhhhnulddddd!! Moar enehgy!!

I am the same way, results are secondary to the feeling I get afterwards. Still not too shabby to look your best tho :wink:

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I workout in my garage with simple exercises and baby weights since I have scoliosis, I used to be in the gym 5 days a week it feels good to workout and feel invincible afterward, weight training also raises resting testosterone levels all around good vibes here’s to a good workout :clinking_glasses:

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