Gym work outs

i want too lose weight in the gym, what are the best machines for this

Don’t know don’t like gym
Like walking and outdoors


@shellys12 i do too, but i need to incraese exercise for more weight loss

i also don’t know but best of luck to you in this endeavor. it’s a great idea. judy

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I see a lot of people at the gym on the Elliptical. I don’t particularly like it tho. I like the rowing machine, stationary bike and treadmill.

Oh boy. I know too much about working out to not be making money for it.

What are your fitness goals? Do you want to just lose weight? Do you want to build muscle at the same time? What are you tying to do?

I have the answers.

im back walking 10km a day, i fell of the wagon and stopped i need to keep motovated this time

Yes to both.


I suggest high volume light weifhtlifting for losing weight and turning fat into muscle. has tons of programs. It’s all about what you eat though- you need a high protein, moderate carb and low fat diet to do those programs with good results.

Plyometrics are a good way to burn calories and improve muscle tone. Look them up on the internet. Jumping rope is good aerobic exercise that improves your balance and rhythm - that could be helpful in a scrap.

This is a question for MortimerMouse, I just bought a couple of sessions with a personal trainer at my gym. What can I expect? How often should I see them?