Gym etiquette question

Hey, gym-goers. I have a question. Is it rude for me to go to a gym when I have pink eye? The joys of parenting have blessed me with gross eyes. They’re not leaking anymore, but they are still reddish. I want to go to the gym, but I also don’t want to put others at risk or gross them out. My doctor said I was only contagious as long as there was stuff coming out of my eyes.


Nurse here, Viral or bacterial? Started antibiotics?

I started antibiotics last night. The doctor said she thinks it’s bacterial, but that there’s no real test to determine which kind it is. My eyes are much better this morning. I can see out of my right eye again, and nothing is coming out.

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I dont know,

Wouldn’t sweat make pink eye worse if it got in the eye ?


Most commonly Bacterial, they’ll start a round of antibiotics before they test if they even do.

They can tell it’s just expensive and not really worth it. By the time the test can make it back, the antibiotics are working or the virus is dying.

Draining reduction is good, the drainage is what’s contagious. That’ll usually start to subside about 24 hours after your course starts, It’s quick.

TBH it’s a low risk you could infect another, but if your feeling up to it just follow a few basic rules. Don’t wipe your eyes on things, No Eyelash to eyelash kissing.


Damn, there goes my eyelid workout regimen.


Gotta keep the peepers looking ripped, give us that strong evil eye. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s hoping it clears up quick. Hope I helped some


Yeah that was very helpful. I think I’ll go tomorrow, to give it more time to clear up.

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I would, your body is fighting off an infection.

Nothing better for the infected body than wind sprints and deadlifting.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My body can get over itself already. I’m annoyed, because I finally woke up feeling super motivated, and now it feels like a waste. I was looking forward to not having to fight myself to accomplish things today. Ah well, maybe I can at least get chores done.


Thus are the failings of mortal form. The will is strong, able, and willing. But the body needs time. I can see where the annoyance comes from.

I see nothing wrong with still using the motivation, but on something less…”risky” for yourself and others.

I would feel horrible infecting someone else, or getting worse and not being able to take care of my tribe.

Chores sound good, but please don’t be so hard on yourself ninja. We all need rest, we can’t always be on top of our game. Can’t always be the caretaker.


Please don’t! You might get other people sick or someone might notice and call you out which could be embarrassing and potentially confrontational. I frequent gyms and I have seen a guy confront another guy about a stye in his eye (that rhymes), it seemed embarrassing for the other guy.

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They are probably doing their own things alone or with friends.Unless you approach them,so no worry

When it’s no longer contagious it’s fine. If someone causes a scene about it, they are the problem, not you. And don’t worry about grossing people out. People don’t have to look at you, but they do have to listen to all the cavemen who think making animal sounds makes them better at lifting and the 16-year-olds constantly bragging to their buddies about lifting way too much because they never learned how to do it properly. As long as you’re reasonably quiet and not contagious, no one should bother you.

PS: I went to the gym for more than two years with a stuffy and runny nose because of a non-contagious sinus problem and no one ever confronted me about it.

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It’s a trans gym, so no real worries about toxic masculinity there. I’m really lucky that we have resources like that in my town. But I will wait until tomorrow.


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