Guys request letter to Bill and Malinda gates foundation has been sent...Here is it's specimen

BY my dearest Friend @Andrey …!!!
Dear Madam/Sir

Mental illness is one of the most underestimated
burdens in our current society. Nowadays we tend to focus on alternative
energy, larger data systems, AIDS or cancer research. Unfortunately,
mentally ill people, though numerous, have a very faint voice. I write
to you as a representant of this category.

I suffer from an untreatable
form of schizophrenia. I cannot work or study. Gosh, I can’t even
perform basic life-sustaining activities. I rely on my family and it’s
simply not fair.
In my humble opinion, schizophrenia deserves more
funding. It deserves more public awareness and lobby from powerful and
wealthy people such as yourself.

I hope you and your family are well.
But let’s take a look at the life of Ted Stanley. His son was diagnosed
bipolar at a young age. Fortunately his case wasn’t so desperate,
because there are treatments that work for most bipolar sufferers.
Nevertheless, Ted Stanley made a commitment to aid millions of people
with currently untreatable mental illness. He donated most of his
fortune to the Broad Institute, jointly owned by MIT and Harvard, giving
it a noble purpose: fundamental research in the areas of unmet clinical
needs of psychiatry, with a focus on schizophrenia but also other grave

I believe the Melinda & Bill Gates foundation has both
the resources and the moral motivation to follow in Ted Stanley’s
footsteps. While research and drug discovery takes time, I am only 30
years old and I remain hopeful that in my lifetime, significant progress
will be achieved with the help of generous folks like you.
May God bless you and give you the wisdom to choose where and how to invest your money and your talent.

Greetings from Nepal
Niraj and friend from


We don’t need wealthy people’s donations

We need their taxes

They’re writing off every donation


Set up global program where donations are matched by foundation such as theirs


Daze but it will take a lot of time…
The progress on Sz research is super slow…!!!
so we all are equally desperate for cure…!!!
I know they are moral and Vision less…
What we all need iz visionary leader like Mahatma Gandhi,The Alexander the Great…!!!
these days i have loose all my confident…my drugs don’t do nothing for my symptoms…!!

It’s very good, but what’s ‘’ ?

i am bad @ english…!!

This can be done by our self…!!!
but don’t have any idea…!!!

Starbucks internationally is worth 70B

People will give money if they get something back

Research today is not really cures

It’s how to live a longer and better life

Those who can afford the meds

Will live those who can’t will die


nicely said…!!!

I don’t mean to be discouraging but

When my daughter was a baby

They told me they’d be a cure for her in 10 years

She’s 24 now

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sad to wake up one day with sh12t that will never go… hope money’s the answer.

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SZ reasearch need grand funding…!!!

touche… if I woke up one day hearing all schizophrenics need is a part of their brains to be snipped off… I’d definetly sign up :smiley: … but ofc like a lost boy once said… ‘‘If you have to cross a river, let the local people cross first’’ :smiley: was what some starving guy told a friend who was accepted on a plane flight to America - from a war zone…

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@Peregran which state are u from…???

am a Lost boy… in a war zone

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How old are you…???

23… Jan 2014 schizo

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@Peregran you are much younger then me dude…??? do u know when is the cure coming…???

well, for me, am hopping on December 31 this year :smiley: right now am not like before - compliments of being a starving lost boy. Spent most of my time playing the ps vr in peace (0 voices) but they still pop up from time to time, so am planning on going through 1 last fast on the 6th this month… gonna starve myself till the 31st - am from my current condition, am sure I might just have a chance in getting rid of it once an for all…

If I do 100% remove the voices, gonna let you all know. - 31st December 2016

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That’s a good letter @far_cry0, good luck!

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Fasting one day is key sometimes

To detox

Never more than that is needed

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