Guys, i just noticed

way12go hasn’t come back, has he…?

usually he jokes about leaving

but was he serious about leaving this time, and I didn’t take him seriously?

i think I missed my only chance to give him a formal heartfelt goodbye.

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I like to think that @anon93437440 is a woman.
She has such nice quotes…
I think that your assumption that it’s a man is a certain bias against women on your part @sirBoring
Edit: It has been clarified to me that @anon93437440 is a man.
So I have no issue with what you wrote @sirBoring

oh. you’re back…

how was your break?
did you learn anything while you were gone? like new hobbies?

I wrote that I dislike women, but I have to admit that there are great women out there,
I am more of a feminist than many.
It is true that I dislike some women , but everything depends on the characteristics
of the woman.
My break was fine.
I read some articles during the time that I was out, I didn’t read articles for a long time( more than a year),
I had a feeling of elation when I read these articles.

I like them a lot because it’s my nature, no matter how much it hurts sometimes

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I think that it is not right to dislike or like all women, I think the evaluation
depends on the characteristics of specific women.
Every case( or woman) has to be examined separately, and we have to avoid generalizations.

I want to try to love everyone without discrimination though. makes me feel good.
it’s my nature.

He’s posted pictures of himself, he’s definitely a man.


that’s understandable, but I have traits that I like and traits that I dislike,
it is natural for people to dislike some character traits, it is legitimate.
Your approach however is also possible, but for me for example, I will never be able
to love a murderer for example, or a corrupt person. @sirBoring

to each, his own. my love knows no limit though

The trick is to treat people as individuals, not as a type. That said, there are some people I stay away from, for various reasons, not always a dislike of that person.


that’s basically what I wrote @crimby, I absolutely agree with you.

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@Erez_Shmerling. I don’t think sirBoring was making an assumption. Way12go has posted his photo on the forum before and he’s a guy.


To make things even on this thread, I must admit that I don’t like men. They are generally too loud and obnoxious for my tastes and they’re generally bossy with women, which I don’t like, and they like to lord it over women and I don’t like that either.
I tend to keep company with women only, as a rule.

I agree a little.
but both have there advantages and disadvantages, as ironic as I might sound.

We’re not completely bad, we have many good points. You have to take the good with the bad. I’m sure your women friends annoy you too sometimes.