Guys I can't stand upright to pee

I’m about to faint.
Pdoc said that i must be patient
for a few days. I can’t do it

I got very dizzy because of clozapine also. Had to lower it. I used to take 400 mg, now 12.5 mg. It’s much better now.

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I don’t mind clozapine. i take 300mg.
Since I took chlorpromazine 500mg
and nozinan 75mg i am about to fall.
I will call my pdoc again.
It’s better to have voices than this


To hell with all these meds.

I’m so angry at my psychiatrists so far.
And angry at me who obey their commands

Imagine if you knew that someone was actually doing it to you? It would make you angry wouldn’t it?

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Sure. But how would it be possible?

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It’s very much possible. The IRA have proved it to me through ideas of reference on this site, and changing my thoughts. Makes me angry but I know that’s what they want, the IRA are made of hate

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Years ago i had dizziness again,
and i was thinking that agents
were doing it to me

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Give it a week, and if you don’t get used to it maybe your body isnt tolerating the drug very well. You can’t expect immediate results.

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I thought the same thing a few months back

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I can’t give it a week.
I’m gonna fall

Nozinan I found to be a very heavy med

Made me feel like absolute ■■■■

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Really? Since we added chlorpromazine and Nozinan, i am at terrible state.

I didnt take my night meds.

I called him and he said
that i can take half doses of two aps

Why did someone flag me

All I said was I used to take Nozinan, and now I don’t take it any more

WTF is wrong with that?

Get a grip people

You wrote “don’t take it anymore”
meaning that you don’t take it,
but it sounded like an advice to me

That’s not what I meant.

Sorry I would never give advice on meds to anyone online

You’re the only one who can make that decision

I was just saying what I did.

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My pdoc once put me on 150mg Chlorpromazine. It is a low dosage but I couldn’t tolerate it. It gave me a dry mouth and made me very dizzy.