Guys I am not well

I have pressure in the brain, my brain doesn’t fit my skull. I have voices shouting “die die” and this annoying running commentary “he’s walking, he’s smoking, he’s eating now”. I should call my pdoc but it’s lunch time here. I wouldn’t want to disturb him

“why do you ask for their help? Die die”

In the afternoon I will go with a friend in the woods, at the mountains. Maybe that will help, right? I took a benzo now

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I need to hear a kind word. A word of compassion. Or an advice.

I’d like to say “it gets better”, but you have to really go to lengths to control the brain inflammation, otherwise it will get worse.

Running commentary drives me crazy.
Chaos in my mind

Which inflammation?

The feeling that your brain doesn’t fit in your skull is a manifestation of brain inflammation.

You think so? Do you have reference? A link or something?

I would try to just calm down and think everything will be okay. You’ve managed this long with this disease, you can manage your situation you’re in right now.


Hey, John. I am trying to sleep. That’s the only thing I can do now

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Sleep is one of the best medicines.


Man, you’re in crisis. Do you have some sort of emergency ward you can go to for immediate admission? I’m concerned for you.

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maybe a walk in the woods with your friends would be good. Maybe just relaxing and listening to music will help calm you down.

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Uh, dude, could also be a schizophrenic delusion. Unless you’ve got medical evidence your brain is inflamed, best not to assume so.


I think its your chemistry adapting the new doses. Your brain will be fine its not expanding its impossible buddy


I feel that way when I think too much

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No, and we live almost 2 hours from the nearest psych hospital. I feel that I should go, but who will drive me there? My parents are working, they will return home exhausted. There’s no solution now. I drive, but now I just cant

Is it possible for you to go to a regular hospital and ask for a bed and a sedating dose of something like Haldol to hold you over?

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