Guys i am feeling super irritated cuz today i have to deal in group and crowd of people..!

My grannys religious ritual arent still finished… today is the 11th day…!!! I went to shrine to help my father and uncles to cook their food… a lot of people came to pay tribute to granny.
Most of visiting people brought rice fruits ghee with them…!!! I have to deal with them…!!! It was so tiring…
I was lethargic to meet them and communicate…

My parental aunt help me a lot… today i am staying at her home… she is cooking dinner for us…!!! Cabbage and rice with pulses… yummy… what are u guys doing… sup guys what are u upto…


I am sorry to hear your so exhausted. But glad to hear so many people paid tribute to your granny. My grandfather passed less than 2 years ago and I was the one who volunteered to put his ashes in his spot with the grave stone. He was in the military so as laid to rest in the veterans lot.


Welp good on you bro… I’m sure your family was glad you were around. I bet a lot of them felt the same way you do on the matter… It’s worth playing along when you got to… Most family members really do care… and it’s a simple sign of respect to appreciate them being around every once in a while…

so :+1: :balloon:

Hey far cry how you doing…im scared of people today…too…


hi farcry i get tired socializing too. i came back from seeing my pdoc and he said i can take st johns wort :smiley:

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Sounds nice for your granny. glad you had a nice meal.

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Be careful with st jon wort…quit it immediatly when u see any side effect… take care cris…!!!

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