Guys i am drinking lemon water.. What about you.?

they say vitamin is good…???

esp vitamin C … I have added honey too…


Good to see you back. Lemon water is cool. I’m cooking supper. It’s almost done.


hey green aunt i hope all is well in china… i know u are far from wuhan…

here in nepal one person was confirmed corona she is in isolation…

we will talk later green… i am recovering… take care and stay safe…


Hi @far_cry0

I’m not drinking lemon water but I am eating peppers every day wen I eat healthy. I get vit c from there. Very good source of vit c!!!

Wishing u well my friend


butterfly stay safe … i will post later… i am recovering…


Hei, Far_cry, how did you get into the recovering track?? I’m genuinely interested in your health. I remember you had complained a lot about the negative symptoms before.

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My friend told me how she makes cold lemon tea. Put two tea bags in hot water in the bottle. Add a tbsp of honey and half a lemon. Put in the fridge. In the morning add ice cubes. Sweet fresh cold lemon tea.


Lemon and mint water, we drink it everyday.


hey me too far_cry0. i’ll do 3 lemons and honey or oranges and water. good stuff.


I’ve been taking oil of oregano.

Lemon water is good
Now just teas and boiled water

My brother takes oil of oregano

I’m drinking plain water, but I take a high dose vitamin c every day.

I’ve given in on the weight issue. The only true way to lose weight on certain antipsychotics is to literally starve yourself. As long as the nurses say I’m controlling my diabetes well that is my bottom line. And by the way how intense the voices are now is barely an issue at 50. I know the voices will always be lurking behind the scenes ready to pounce like a lion should I go off my meds. But it’s no miracle if they go away for a while because they always return in some form even with the meds.

I drank mostly sweet tea today but I went to Sonic for lunch and they had a blue slushee with Nerds in it that looked really good. I thought about it but didn’t get one.

Lemon juice and olive oil. Does that make sense?

Honey is really good. My mom said olive oil and lemons go good.

I use lemon with olive oil in salads but never heard that it can be drinked.


I know right. That’s a strange combo.

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I need to try that. :slight_smile: