Guys diagnosed in their 30's

Are there any other guys that were diagnosed in their 30’s? I was in my 30’s when I was diagnosed, in the 1990’s. I was definitely having problems in 94 or 95. I thought I saw Jesus in 92 or 93. I didn’t see a pdoc until 95 or 96 when I was 36 or 37. It seems most of you remember your exact age when diagnosed. I don’t. But I was so eaten-up with delusions it’s like I breathed a sigh of relief when I was diagnosed.


It’s unusual for a guy to be diagnosed that late. For women it is too, but more so for men.

Yes I was too … started around 33 and total psychotic break at 35.

My doc thinks I have delusional disorder which is on the sz spectrum. Good chance you have it too as it presents in the 30s

I’ve always wondered what people were up to in their life, and what kinds of things did they believe in in the few years before they started turning. :thinking:

I got it at 38. I was diagnosed with delusional disorder before I was diagnosed sz.

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I got the diagnosis at the age of 30 although I’d been taking anti-psychotics for a few years before that. It was when I stopped taking the meds cold turkey and had a psychotic break, that I was given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. It was bitter sweet for me, I didn’t want to learn I had a severe incurable mental illness, but on the other hand it was a relief to know my ‘problems’ weren’t my fault.

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