Guys coffee is bad

I’m getting kidney pain

And I looked it up

Coffee puts a strain on my kidneys

At least for me anyhows


I will wean myself off slowly so I don’t fall asleep on my night shift :sweat_smile:


How do you know for sure its your kidneys did you go to the doctor?

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You can’t really pinpoint the pain that way as pain propagates to other areas. Heart problems can cause pain or numbness in the left arm. Liver or pancreas can cause pain in all the abdomen area. I think the Dr palpates your organs to see if there is bumps/inflammation and do medical scans and tests.

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At one point I was so sure of having a heart attack because of my chest pain. It ended up to be my Metformin. On the bottle it says irritates the stomach. I stopped the Metformin and told the Dr, no more pain since then.

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I don’t like coffee, it makes me agitated and irritable but caffeine pills don’t do that.

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I am heavy coffee drinker (10 cups a day) and I had a kidney stone last year. I don’t know if it was caused by that.


What is the first sign of a kidney stone?

A sudden pain in the belly. It really hurts.

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I’m now down to one cup a week. I can’t abide it without dairy added and I’ve cut back on sugar and dairy. It’s my cheat day treat.

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Idk for sure but my instinct tells, me so.

From articles I read

My dad has kidney problems and drank lots of coffee in life, plus genetics?

Weekends when I’m not drinking coffee it’s not as bad.

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Kidney stone pain is apparently very very very painful.

It’s the caffeine, not the coffee. So if you like coffee, decaf is fine.

Little LED has some kidney/urinary issues and they gave us a ton of info about how caffeine can really strain your kidneys.

Good or bad, tomrorow im goig to the store and gonna spend the day hopped up on caffiene cause ive got an idea for a song and no energy lol

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Yea it really does apparently.

I’m not sure how though.

Might be to do with its dehydrating effects.

It’s an irritant.

Yea sometimes coffee is just necessary :’(

I’m still drinking it


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Oh right. Like how?

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Looks real good except I need to contact my institution lol. To get to see it all.

Thanks though :star_struck: