Guys can we do something to own money, read this

Happiness revolves around ownership and or psychosis. - Sagar Gorijala.

Guys can we do something to own money, read this.

If we own something then our problems as we know will be over and that would be, owning better brain and freedom.

To free ourselves from psychosis we must somehow own money why because

money gives us

  1. Better health/brain freeing us from psychosis

  2. Freedom because of money and this is just like freedom from psychosis.

So, it’s ownership that will weaken psychosis.

What do you think we can do if we work together?

There must be something we can do online to earn money.

Let us not throw this opportunity away.

Can we be serious ???

Think about it.

Please consider it.


Unfortunately I don’t own/have a girl friend to totally screw her mind and whatever…

pleasure is happiness.

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And that is like a sugar coated truth, same as your username…

Lots you can do to make money on line, I make fairly good money then throw it away when I go into psychosis, not the money really but everything I own, Then spend years paying it off

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Uh, may I raise a couple of issues?

  1. Men don’t “own” women. Those males that view women as their personal property turn out to be less than desirable partners.
  2. Why would you want to “screw” with your mate’s mind? This runs the gamut from disrespectful to abusive and will make sure the smart ones (i.e. the desirable ones) will flee your presence sooner rather than later.

Just some observations from a married SZ.




I was kidding.

I agree with the money ownership concept, for sure.

Sexist jokes aren’t funny tho

Sorry to barge in and drag this into the general public awareness strata