Gut Permeability

Has anyone helped their schizophrenia by improving their gut health, drinking bone broth etc?

I take acidophilus fairly frequently and have been cutting way down on ibuprofen. I have a lot of inflammation problems and discomfort from that makes me very tense and irritable. I cut out lactose about a year ago and noticed a huge improvement in my overall health and comfort level. I do think there is a lot of truth to microbiome theories… a lot of my mental symptoms seem to coincide with gastrointestinal issues.

I think even cutting carbs helps a lot… less sugary material for the nasty little critters to munch on :slight_smile:

that’s great. yeah I don’t have lactose either nor gluten or wheat. Generally when my stomach is at its worst thats when I get symptoms, actually they both happen at the same time. If I have sugar I get like dopamine spikes lol.

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