Gurus are liars

I believe there is not an ultimate truth, and no human can tell they know the truth, because they can’t see everything. For example, how can someone teach others about god or rules of the universe, if they are tied up to human body? There is not any single ‘saint’ or ‘better’ person who was born ever seeing. And Gurus, saying they understand god better than you (or even ultimately), and want you to preach them, are (fuc*in) liars.

I know it seems like a truism. It is, but it took me some time to realise.

The bad thing is, I am not the only one. It’s terrifying how many people are deluded and then robbed and raped by those ‘saints’. Wtf, humanity?

It is also similar with those ‘spiritual’ books that are spreading like cancer. I mean those about auras, energies, angels etc. I’ve been there. Done that. Am ashamed. The message is that everyting is divided into bad (fear) and good (love). It’s like in the move Donnie Darko. It spreads so much delusions and destructivity…

They made me hate myself and world so much. Anyone else had their life destroyed by this foolery or was it my overly senzitivity and becoming sz that got me?

PS I hate Gurus if you can’t tell


So called “gurus” are just people who don’t know what they don’t know.

I agree with you, they aren’t too helpful generally.

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I agree, lots of so called Gurus are in it for the money and for the fame.

Many of them are Frauds - People Be Aware!

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Well my life wasn’t totally destroyed but yeah I have been susceptible to such things, especially because my brain already has a tendency to engage in “splitting” which is a Borderline PD mechanism where it’s like… you either trust someone completely, or you think they’re evil incarnate. It’s hard to see people as complex beings, as people are VERY complex. But in the moments where I pull it off, it’s worth it.

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your not alone, i hear you .! i disagree about the truth thing, what its like for me is my faith shows me instills the truth with in my self i get to come to know the truth, but im feeling wonky right now telling u this. i just think that if u see only through human eyes and have a close mind the truth u want to see will not appear, if of course ur seeking truth, may i ask what are you trying to discover, what does knowing the truth mean to you and since u realize its not seen by human beings unless they have found thier third eye, ! if i may say…

i come to realize and eccept the good and bad in my self and learned that good feels right, but im still battling addiction and guy voice and my mind are battling im still trying to get my new life as mentaly ill to mentally well with sure foundation to help me on my way.

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so how you can tell a subjective experience in another person is fake?

having had a spiritual emergence i know these stuff are true.

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the more you know the more you don’t know ■■■■…

1000 complexities in all directions… (I should know I’m a guru :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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(Sorry Idk what emergence means (am not English) you mean you got into those things?)

I don’t say that it is impossible for them to know the truth (even tho it is not very possible since they are humans.)

I say that they are liars if they say that they know it the best, or better than you. Because it is impossible for them to know that the way they see things is 100% true, or that other people are wrong about their truth.

It’s claim agains claim. But they make their claim ‘higher’ by making themselves ‘saints’, using the loops in rules that ‘spiritual’ people have been taught the whole time by spiritual books and religions.(That’s what I think anyway)

Thank you for your opinion. The problem is, a ‘third eye’ is also a thing spiritual world has tought you. Maybe it is real, there are many people who have experienced it. But even if someone sees through a third eye, it is still a human perception. There could be much more that the brightest people can’t see. Maybe, what is seen through it is still a part of this physical world, it’s courtains. There could be anything behind. Maybe the ‘astral’, ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ spheres are not all, and maybe they are something different. Who knows?

I am actually just un-trying to discover it, since I believe I simply can’t. Maybe not the ultimate Truth, but I would like to discover Truth about myself. But that is ■■■■■■ hard - since I thing anything could be truth, I miss the context in which I should see myself. Then there are many reflections of me, and then a lot of those I can’t see. So, which one it true? Who am I?.. That is what I wanna know.

it really cant be proved that they know better than you.

but just meditate and you will feel very diferent.

so you can see for yourself these truths.

spiritual emergence is something innefable. you cant describe it in words. but a “try” for it is to “feel connected to the universe”. while you are in that state you start to perceive different truths about life than in normal consciousness.

i dont know how to explain it. just read some maybe OSHO books or watch some videos and see if it makes sense to you. it makes sense to me.

also, religions and practices are stuff you can just try.

why keep arguing if they’re real or not if you can just try it for 1 month or so and see if it works for you?

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