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I took lessons when I was 15/16 (about 5 years ago) and put down the guitar until recently. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing. I’ve learned some songs by Neil Young, Linkin Park, and Johnny Cash.

My question is how do I make my left fingertips hurt less? Do strings differ in hardness? Also should I take my guitar in to get an ‘oil change’ since I haven’t used it in so long?




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Eventually you’ll build calluses on your finger tips. You just have to play through the pain until that happens.


ok, i guess ill play through the pain then.

Also i did some googling and it sounds like i should adjust the “action” on my guitar.

If you know where the truss rod is you’ll need to adjust that.

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@Nomad leave your action alone…only let a shop adjust the action for you…as far as tough action that is even better to learn on because when you play an electric some day it will be like soft butter. My callouses show is I press my fingers down on the table and then hold them up…my fingers are completely flat ended for about a minute…haha love that…frankenstein fingers…


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