Guilty consciousness

what cures a guilty consciousness?

chocolate and sugar.

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I also struggle with guilt. It’s a tough one but keeping oneself distracted helps.


Yea i struggle big time with guilt.

Wish i had the remedy!!!


I think the guilt trips gets worse the older one get. When I was young I was so carefree and sometimes wreckless and it didn’t bother much. As I become older the regrets and guilt seem to pile up. I have no remedy for guilt.


I don’t know man. I had guilt when I was younger brought on by a religious upbringing. every one of my misdeeds I felt guilty about. but I eventually got over it. I just reasoned that my misdeeds were small transgressions and I was just as good as anybody else. no need to feel guilty. it’s not like I forgave myself, it’s more like I was exhonerated from guilt. also I felt like my punishments and suffering were more than I deserved. that also helped me get over it. hope you can get over it. it’s not good for mental health. best wishes.

Excersise daily. Its helping me not dwell on negative thoughts like guilt. It’s also lifting my mood and helping self esteem.

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"These voices, these voices… "

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