Guest rooms

Mrs. Pixel wants a guest room in the home we buy next year. That mean she will want guests as well (namely her parents - ugh). I’m trying to talk her into not wasting the space. We have hotels in town for a reason, right?


If you don’t want people to stay over, it’s definitely best not to have a guest room. We bought a pull-out sofa for when my dad comes to visit, but that’s because he can’t afford a hotel, and he has to sleep somewhere. I hope you can resolve the issue. I wouldn’t want my in-laws staying with me. My husband tolerates my parents well enough; he never complains.

You should spend a week in your guest room. To make sure it is not to comfortable.
I don’t have a spare bed. So my family can’t spend the night.

Oh keep your wife happy.
Get the guest room.

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i have guests right now and they are from Germany, one is a neuroscientist and the other is similar, it was an interesting conversation and i told them i struggled with mental health and take meds :slight_smile:

i dont think i could stay with my mum again but i dont think that will happen lol

I think that’s why we’re living in 2 different towns right now – I encouraged her to make the career move she really wanted. Hoping I get some consideration back here as I really can’t stand having people in my home who don’t belong.

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My girlfriend keeps a guest room for me in her house. But, lately I’ve been sleeping with her.

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