Guess Who This Is

Have a guess what this young lady’s connection is to me:


Niece!! :slight_smile: 1515151

Mother of your baby?

No. And I mean the mum not her little daughter, just in case you thought I meant the kid.

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I did think that you meant the kid! :’)

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No…I has no kids :relieved:

Is she your sister? :smiley:

well… which one mister brave-heart?

if you’ve got any connection to them at all it seems like you have some lovely in your life!

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Is she your wife or girlfriend?

Your dream come true? (if it’s your wife or girlfriend).

Is this a selfie :selfie:

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In the sibling department I have just one, and this is her, my sister, she is seven years younger than me. And the little girl is her daughter, my one and only niece. She also has two sons, so when it comes to nephews I have two of those.

But the reason I put it up, initially, is that one day I realised that to me O. Maximova in my Penultimate Beauty post looks kind of like an idealised gothic version of my sister. :scream_cat:


Hey you’re not too alone in that kind of thing occurring. For a long time my ideal beauty standard was very similar to my eldest sister. I only realized that retrospectively and recently, but my tastes had already changed since then.

Something tells me you’re not really Mel Gibson :expressionless:


True, what a virile fellow he is. I saw someone here had called themselves Bruce Willis, so I thought Mel a good choice in the same vein.
Also, thought I would add where I first saw O. Maximova, it was at a book sale…she was on the cover of a book called The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea.

Yes, you got it right twice.

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Wahaaaay!! 151515