Guess what you guys, excluding mods, it's not all bad news

yeah, thanks, but the world’s not looking good, not sure I can rest in peace leaving this for them.

Not in w hile.fiftern

it’s just figuretively right? floating in the night sky?

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can I just say, influence. but I’m me, and you are you, you decide. it’s why I’m suspended so often. cuz the mods consider all of you weak.

You get suspended so often because you break the rules so often. Are you seriously so delusional that you cant see that?

Stop attacking the moderators and focus on the family news you want to share.


I’m not a follower. I’m a leader. sorry you can’t see that.

I tried to give her a chance to get her congrats in for her happy occasion but she just had to keep pushing it. Now she is suspended.

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