Guardianship case

I have a guardianship case where my parents want guardianship but my boyfriend is contesting it and I’m letting him so there will be a trial to see if I have capacity.

My boyfriend wants me to see a psychiatrist that gives you a 3-4 hr capacity test and this is all making me super paranoid. I feel like the trial is to decide whether I have capacity to be a dictator in North Korea. That’s why the court is all over this.

I think with your posts you do need help. I don’t think your parents are doing this for any other reason than your health and well being. All’s I can comment on from your posts.

I’m not sure your boyfriend is doing you any favors and not sure it’s a good thing.



I don’t think they’ll take you anywhere but your parents will look out for you. Forgive me if that isn’t what the guardianship rules are but family usually is better.

Your not going anywhere and certainly not to anywhere in Asia. I think that is a delusion and it’s still too strong with you to move forward.

Overall. You probably will live good with your parents?? They’ll look out for your welfare?? These are the important things.

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I feel like the trial is to decide whether I have capacity to be a dictator in North Korea

This^ is why you need your parents to look after you until you get better.


i’d go for the guardianship with your parents… it think they will know what is best for you… what would it mean if they got guardianship? Like you go live with them and they take care of you? If so, then go for that for sure…


Yeah but I’m too paranoid to do that. I feel like without my boyfriend I could be in trouble even though I feel the same way without as with.

How long have you been with your boyfriend? Do you live together?

No we don’t live together. I’ve known him for 6 years.

I would trust more my parents, your boyfriend isn’t helping you a lot with your illness.

But I feel unsafe without him even though it might be less safe with him.

Will you be unable to see him after guardianship?

Pretty much yes.

Why? Couldn’t he come to visit you?

My parents don’t want him here.

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