Growing up is confusing

Is having this diagnosis stunting my growth? either by the meds i’m taking or by me doubting every new experience that comes my way. If what I experienced when going through puberty was not real than what is?

I guess I just don’t want to let my childhood fantasies go.

I just feel like I won’t have any more learning experiences ever again unless I go off meds again and not be stunted by these drugs.

I am court ordered to take meds anyone know how to convince your doctors to go off meds?

Probably not a good idea. They don’t issue those orders lightly and I’ve yet to meet a person over the last 23 years of having Sz that was wrongly forced onto meds. The best approach is to work with your treatment providers to get down to your lowest functioning dose that’s possible. Exercise and diet help out greatly here.


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There are lots of good things and new freedoms that come with getting a little older - so don’t worry about letting go of childhood fantasies.

And you can probably learn a lot more valuable stuff if you are on medications - as many of the people here who are on medications and going to school or working, will tell you.

You might want to watch this video to help you understand this:

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If you go off of meds it might just put you right back to the condition you were in before you started taking them. Schizophrenia does not magically go away or magically get better. It’s always lurking but meds ease the symptoms and make the disease easier to manage. Depending on who you believe, schizophrenia is a life-long disease. If you don’t take meds you may never get better. I’ve seen too many people go off meds and relapse. I would recommend doing some research on schizophrenia to get an idea, you will see studies saying that people recover just as well and as often without taking meds, but it’s a huge risk to go off meds with a lot at stake.


The longer people are off meds, the longer it takes to stabilize once back on them. Some damage themselves so badly that they don’t ever get stable again, which is tragic. Going off meds is not something you should be looking at unless your doctor advises you to in order to avoid some sort of complication they sometimes cause.


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meds are really good esp if you are on the right one

my meds really help me and i have a relatively normal life, i wouldn’t call it boring though as i am able to go to college and visit friends and family as well.

i would say my life was really boring when i was on the wrong med and delusional, i just wasn’t doing anything interesting bc of flat effect and lethargy,

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I don’t know about a court order to take med’s, but they can’t force you to take med’s unless you’re committed to a psych facility. I would think long and hard before I came off them, though. I’ve gone that route several times, and it never worked for me.

My son was court ordered several times because he was not compliant with meds-which led to fights and misunderstandings with other people, stealing things like gum and getting arrested, he had a record, no where to live, no money, abused drugs.
He has had a very harsh life.

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