Grousing about this girl


I was getting ready to mop a bathroom floor, when this girl who was working in the kitchen announced that she was going to help herself to my mop water. I tried to tell her that you’re not supposed to use bathroom water on food preparation areas, but she wouldn’t listen, even after I told her that repeatedly. The health department gigged us just because we left the door to that bathroom open. (It’s right next to the kitchen.) Using water that has been used on the bathroom floor on the kitchen floor is unsantitary. I’m a little bit miffed by this.


You tried your best. Some people just don’t listen.


You are 100% in the right. You did all you could. :apple::apple::apple:


If it wasn’t likely to make other people sick I would have thought of it as my bad karma for the times when I didn’t listen.


She should’ve listened to you. All you can do is try.


You knew this and that’s great.
Not everyone knows good hygiene practices or what bad hygiene practices are.


well as long as there was no feces in the water it should be o k…good for you to think like that though…I wish everyone was as careful as you…don’t be mad though…she probably just didn’t want to run her own water…laziness in other words.


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