Grousing about a person where I live

This woman who is the secretary where I live held onto a piece of mail of mine for at least a month. The piece was a debit card I got from Amercian Express. (American Express serve cards are great. Unlimited, uncharged uploads and downloads of cash. It costs only 1$ a month. Check them out.) I had commitments on the internet I had to pay with this card, and that caused me a great deal of stress. She finally relented and gave me the card, and now she is acting like she has performed some kind of heroic act of mercy. She thinks that gives her the right to dominate my behavior. She acts incensed when I don’t behave the way she wants. Tampering with the mail is looked at pretty seriously. There have been other irregularities in her financial dealings with the residents where I live. If she keeps on I am going to ask for an audit of all her financial dealings at the place I live. If it messes her up that’s too bad. She deserves it.

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call someone, what she did is a federal crime, not only because she withheld your mail, but because that card controlled your finances, which is technically interfering with a financial institution. Anyone who holds or possesses a credit or debit card that is not in their name, whether they use it or not, is guilty of fraud.

I had the same issue with my landlord in college, she kept my mail from me, and when my new debit card came in from my bank she kept for a month, she never opened, she just left it sitting on her table, thing is she gave me the rest of my mail for that day. She ended up facing charges of Fraud and Interfering in federal package delivery.

I have considered filing a grievance over her. Another road to take would be to tell the woman who runs the place where I live what this secretary is doing. I’m reluctant to involve outside agencies in our affairs. I’m not ready to ask for an audit yet. I’ll give this secretary a chance to straighten up. We’re supposed to get our income tax rebates soon, and I have a feeling that this secretary might not give me mine. If she does that I will file a grievance and maybe ask for an audit. This woman astonishes me with her sense of entitlement. I’m supposed to be grateful to her for just fulfilling her basic duties towards me.

hah grousing… I like it.

I hope you find out what’s happening…that’s a bad situation.

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Did she give any reason for withholding your card? That does sound strange.

It has to go with a situation that developed between us. I won’t go into particulars, but I will say it is very prickly. We are both very exasperated at the behavior of the other. I feel like I am 100% in the right, but I think she feels that way too. Anyway, withholding my mail because of it is way out of bounds.

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