Group home

The person in charge of my group home is mean. Do you have any advice. I asked him if I could get cigarettes and he said no, for no reason.


Sounds like a good opportunity to quit smoking.


Maybe he wants you to quit for health reasons

I thought overall you liked the group home. Smoking is bad for you and he may be trying to help you quit. Is he mean other than not taking you to get cigarettes?

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A strong addiction won’t yield to common sense. If Jake wants to try quitting that is good, but having someone impose it probably is not productive.


I still prefer the group home. But he still affects me.


Maybe cigarettes are costing the home too much money.

@Jake Were you able to get some smokes, bud?

Did he say you couldn’t leave to get cigarettes at the store? Or do they hand out cigarettes to residents?

Tell him to go ■■■■ himself.

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