Group Dynamics

I just finished a class on IT Architectures. Our last assignment, which was worth 250 points, combined a paper I’ve been working on for the whole class and a group assignment. For the group assignment we were supposed to have five group members. One withdrew from the class and another never responded, so we were left with three members. Four of us were supposed to write a two page paper and the last person would combine the papers and create a powerpoint. Now because we only had three members we each had to write a paper plus I compiled the papers and another member created the powerpoint. What really got me was that the group member that created the powerpoint didn’t include speaker notes so my teacher took twenty points off of my grade. I understand it’s a group project but I did my part plus extra and was penalized. How is that fair? Should I have done all the work to make sure it was done right? I’m so pissed off! It didn’t affect my final grade, I still got an A in the class but that sucks. I emailed my professor and she was just like “oh well that’s what a group project is.” So I could have done no work and gotten the same grade everyone else got? That’s really not fair. It’s supposed to train you for what its like in the real world. What do you think? Is that fair? Have you ever worked on a group project? :sunny:

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It sucks but in many areas of life if one member fails the group fails. Moreover the leader of the group is normally held responsible.

The saying… a chain is only as strong as its weakest link applies here.

A suggestion: Next time set a personal deadline for your group that is before the actual deadline. Then you can assess everyone’s performance and fix shortcomings before the real deadline and still pull it out as a strong group.

I hate group projects! I totally get how you feel. I had one this spring semester and at the last minute one of the people in the group said she couldn’t do her part which was to play a recording of an interview she “did” but she “couldn’t” figure out how to get it to play on the classroom computer, after having a semester long to figure this out. So we were five minutes short on our presentation and penalized.

@sasha That’s a good suggestion. We did everything at the last minute plus had to do our individual papers. Next time I will ask to go over everyone’s portion. I just didn’t want to sound egocentric like “it must be approved by me because I know everything.” Since my grade depends on it though I will.

@Skims I agree I hate group projects. I’m sorry you had that experience. They should only grade you on the work you personally do.

@sasha Do you encounter group work as a programmer?

Thanks for the responses. :sunny:

@SunGirl Yes, I very frequently find myself in a group dynamic as a programmer. This is a skill I leaned years ago when being a leader was required of me in order to ensure the success of the task I had been given and survival of those around me.

It is important to note that while I have the skills to be a leader I don’t enjoy being in that situation.

I don’t like groups or people… but I have enough life experiences to know that I can’t do everything on my own… or at the very least I can do everything quickly and efficiently on my own.

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I have problems with working in groups…hence my recent uplifting post about being kicked off a powerlifting team. I dont do well working in groups at school unless I am in charge. In high school I was in charge, I was the environmental club president and told everyone how to recycle paper and put recycling bins all over campus and made the other members go empty them every week. It was nice, I was given a task and human resources and made something happen. Then I went bonkers.

But yeah I cant stand group things unless I am in charge. Partly my personality type, ENTJ’s are some small % of the population and are nicknamed “field marshals” by David Keirsey. They are associated with alphas in ethology. So yeah in the classroom I am the only person who actually wants to master, not do well or pass the material and stand out. In classes involving speech, everyone tries to keep up with what I say, like in a world civliization seminar class I took last year, I led the debates, destroyed peoples arguments and the professor told me that I needed to let other people speak up and that the other students were not even reading because they counted on me to basically teach the class. It was funny, I didnt even like world civilization I just liked to prove myself right.

I did a cooperative presentation with a girl in a psych class. She had her ■■■■ together so it was fine. She was fine, I asked her out but she cancelled the coffee on me :frowning:

But no, group projects suck and I generally avoid them unless I am in charge or taking steps to be in charge, waiting to take a leadership position. At my school, they dont do many group projects or seminars, and the one seminar class I took, I dominated completely.

High school was fun. In AP English (I took AP English 1 and 2) I was always the one leading the conversation and stating what the author meant by what they wrote. It got annoying, I was expected to be perfect but I just sighed and rambled about what Shakespeare meant by his ridiculous rhetoric or what the book The Heart of Darkness was really about, out there weird stuff, Im surprised I am good at literature, being so scientific minded.

But seriously I cant stand group projects unless I can tell everyone what to do and they do it. If they do, everything works just fine. In high school, I was the leader of the environmental club and I just ordered them around and what do you know, tons and tons of paper found its way into the recycling dumpster and not in the trash dumpster. Too bad I was a train wreck in my last semester of high school. I still functioned but lacked my personal touch to things. I would do my job quickly and then sit down and stare at the floor when I became ill.