Group and supportive housing

I’m soon going to be moving out of my parents house because they’re kicking me out for my drug use, which I can understand.
They hate seeing me do it but have no idea how to deal with it, so i guess i’m moving out.
Does anyone have experience with group or supportive housing?
I hope the costs are relatively low to my disability income.


A group home would be the quickest route. I’ve only had bad experiences with supportive housing, they are hard to maintain contact with and usually have long waiting lists (atleast here).

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Here in England group homes are impossible to get into with drug abuse. Unless they are drug use providers group homes and they can be pretty bad living in them.

When I was in the group home they took my SSI check for rent. Every time my SSI check increased they raised the rent so I was always paying $600+ a month the entire 5 years I was there. I think it got up to $670 a month near the end. Group homes have their pros and cons. None of the 5 different group homes I was in was that horrible to live in.

I live in supported housing now, I’m basically on my own but me and my roommate get a visit from a counselor once every three weeks and we can call her any time if a problem arises.

Yeah, most group homes or any mental health housing have strict rules against drug use and drinking. The people in them still do it but if you get caught it’s often grounds for getting kicked out.

The onus is not on them to deal with your drug use, the onus is on you to deal with your drug use.

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My group home is very good. For intellectual disabilities and Autism. I don’t take drugs and they are understanding with my drinking problem. I don’t cause a nuisance. Unless psychotic.

When I was living in supported housing a women downstairs walked out in front of a HGV lorry suicide attempt. A Lithuanian man offered me a bj and I started smoking weed.

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