Group activities

hi, is anyone involved in some sort of group activity?

when i was really bad i went out bowling and to play snooker in a group from my resource centre

and when i was hospitalized my p/doc asked me if i liked horses and i said yes and she asked me what kind of horse i liked and i said a white one lol, it was really nice because she was focusing my head on something else and she said when i got out i could go horse riding in her group and sure enough i did, it was horse riding for the mentally ill, it was awesome and i really miss doing that.

i also went to a drop in centre and they had lots of stuff to do there too, we had group activities there like pool and other things.

I used to be involved with group activities. I would go to the day hospital and we would go do something as a group. Then I ended up in some of my Dad’s art classes. That was a little stressful. Some of my AA group will have something going on. If it’s not dinner and a movie I can join in that.

Last summer I tried to get back into the Master’s team for swimming. Some of those guys are so macho serious that they suck all the joy out of the swim. I just shake my head and think… Really? You’re going for macho on this? We’re swimmers. We’re all pretty dang gangly.
I come and go as far as group stuff. Sometimes I’m really into it. Other times, not so much.

The horse riding sounds great. What a cool therapist to get you involved with that.
Are you thinking of getting back into a group activity?

well i think i am passed doing that now, i make my own activities sort of thing,

don’t get me wrong it was a godsend when i was living with my parents and not getting out at all.

i would like to take horse riding lessons again tho, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

the person that organised the horse riding group was my first p/doc and she has since gone deaf

Poor pdoc… make your living listening and then go deaf… That has a touch of irony.

The only group activity i do is a so called 'health and well being ’ group run by the rehab team at the local Mind centre. There are four of us and two or more staff.
We discuss diet/exercise/do quizzes//discuss the news items in the paper/have talks from police(so far) and also lined up fire service/pharmacist/nutritionist/.
It gets me out of the house for a couple of hours.
At one point i did activities at the resource centre but that stopped in 2009 because i was having difficulties with the groups i was down for, and so got discharged from there.
If there was a drop in i’d go there but the local Rethink closed all the drop ins.
Rethink do have a few activities in the community including peer led one’s. Unfortunately nothing run by Rethink suited me so in the end they took me off their books.

I’ve recently joined a NAMI group, and they said that sometimes they do group activities. I’ve only been to one meeting, the next is tuesday.

I just joined a NAMI group too. It’s real supportive.

Have any of you guys been told to leave the mental health drop in, in favor of a seniors center? I’m only 30 but my workers feel I would be better off at the Seniors Center. Why? :question: