Groundhog Day the movie and Schizophrenia

You ever get like Bill Murray in that movie groundhog day and get lost in the same stuff and just quit giving a rat’s ass?? Been there…good advice from me…don’t do that ■■■■. But have you?

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My belief system when I was ill was exactly Groundhog day. I believed I was stuck in a “time loop” where I kept repeating a 2 year period over and over on a CD. I also believed I was a “laser” on the disc so I could have a spirit. long story. It’s all in my book.

same ■■■■ different day comes to boyfriend said hes feeling really blah at themoment to maybe because its cloudy and its the end of summer.

Seasonal depression, social anxiety, PTSD, paranoia, all of these environmental factors are so repetitious in hallucination that sometimes…yes…

I want to run over a mailbox. But I don’t…no seriously take those meds.

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