Green Defense supplement, might alleviate schizophrenic symptoms

Couple of weeks ago I ordered some supplements, one of them is called Green Defense, just bought it out of curiosity and in the hopes it might mean something for my symptoms. (I guess it’s not allowed to post the brandname, it can easily be found by a google search).

I’m about more than one week on this supplement, the first day I took it, it felt like the first time I took Sarcosine, I was in a great mood, spontaneously talkative to other people outside, my cognition got a boost and positive symptoms diminished to the point I almost forgot to take my medications. I thought maybe it’s just coincidence and/or placebo effect so I didn’t jump to conclusions. After one week I’m seriously getting convinced this supplement is a great adjunct to schizophrenic and/or mood medication, it still has the same effect on me like day 1, where Sarcosine fails to address positive symptoms, this supplement doesn’t, till last week I was still struggling with thought intrusions, noticeable background voices and still felt psychotic on a daily bases for some couple of hours a day (and around other people), now however, my mind is clear, off course not for 100% but here comes the cognitive aspect of this supplement kicking in. My mind finally seems to be able to process thoughts more efficiently, whenever a psychotic thought, voice or whatever positive symptom kicks in, my mind doesn’t dwell on it, it quickly can address it, that it’s not reality but just another brain-fart (so to speak :wink: ).

I don’t really know how to describe my symptoms in just one word (like anhedonia or whatever) or I would’ve extensively addressed what this supplement does for me but people who are stable, have insight and are looking for a cheap supplement to improve their condition, you may want to give $15,- for this supplement to try and see if it has the same effect on you like it does have on me. (I guess cleaning the gut with this green stuff helps the brain also maintain clean. However, like with all current treatments, don’t expect miracles!)

This supplement contains:

My current stack:
Clonazepam 1mg 2x daily
Mirtazapine 30mg
Zyprexa 5mg
Sarcosine 2/3g
Pregnenolone 200-400mg (also taking this for bodybuilding purposes)
Quercetin/Bromelain 500/250mg
L-lysine 6g
Green defense 6g
Vitamine D 5000iu
ZMA - Vit B6 10.5mg / magnesium 450mg / Zinc 30mg (only for bodybuilding purposes)
BCAA (only for bodybuilding purposes)

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I take garden veggies and from the first day i see a big improvement. I will continuously take it, i also eat a lot of raw veggies… No wonder how some people just have their symptoms under control without med just being on raw food.

It’s probably got anti-inflammatory effects - all that green stuff, especially the green tea. Try eating all that stuff, plus moderate exercise and fish oil too. I do think that nutrition is vital to health. Sz has lots of different causes and forms but some of it is connected with inflammation of the brain, so an anti-inflammatory lifestyle will help.

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