Greece or Italy

My son wants to holiday in Greece and Italy, hopefully I can get the money to bring him next year


Both countries are very beautiful with a rich history and they have some similarities especially in the temperament of the people. Both are loud,friendly and generous people with passion.
I don’t have travel a lot and I hope to travel more to the cities and islands of my country(Greece) and hopefully to Italy and other countries. ===>This is a travel guide from an American citizen I think who lives in Athens for many years now.

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Italy! Rome in particular. I used to live there. It is good for families

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Been both. Going back to Italy again next year.

I’ve been to Italy twice. I’d love to see Greece. I’ve always imagined it as more beautiful than Italy. Not a big fan of Greek cuisine, though.

Greece is really nice in the summer… everything about it is so beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Depends on what you want to see… and eat! :wink:

are you also greek?

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