Great tool for help with delusions hallucinations and social anxiety. A tool to discern what is real and what is fake

It was taught to me by someone who had a phD in schizophrenia treatment. It is a way to train your mind to think optional, and not just one way. When you have a delusion or a hallucination you have to think of five different possibilities. Ex: (delusion) I have aliens talking to me controlling me through satellites. You are to think of 5 different possibility. I could just be imagining this, I have never seen aliens before, why would they be testing me, maybe this is just my illness, caffine can make my symptoms worse. You can do this for hallucinations as well. Let’s say you doubt it and believe it really is aliens. Then think of 5 possibility why you have doubt. This can also help with social situations by doing this. Overtime your brain will start to understand what is real and what is fake. I encourage you to try this.


Thanks chrisjjack, I think that this altenative can be useful for me.

Thanks, makes a lot of sense

Excellent tool, mental retraining, one of my suggested modifications for CBT.

A delusional mind is trained to look for evidence proving the delusion true. If you retrain it to look for evidence pointing to the contrary, the brain learns to pick them apart instead of becoming obsessed.