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I was prescribed Wellbutrin (an antidepressant) five years ago. I was supposed to take 150 mg in the morning and 150 mg in the afternoon. I wanted to take it in the morning and night but it was always prescribed for noon. I could never remember for noon because I would be at work or out somewhere so I just stopped taking my noon dose. I guess it’s irresponsible of me but I stopped taking my noon dose a few years ago. Recently, I started reading up on Wellbutrin online and decided I was interested in taking it as prescribed. I finally told my shrink and he told me it comes in a 300 mg extended release pill. Problem solved! This week, I started taking it once in the morning.


Xr is good for me. I’d like to try wellbutrin because it works on nor ephilendrine ( spelling ) and I never took to ssri’s. Just didn’t work but effexor works well and it does serotonin and the nor…but it’s brutal at high doses…Trouble is they brought it out here as a give up smoking aid and it’s just expensive because of that for depressives. Dumb politic I know.

Hope it goes well for you matey. It’s a good thing for most sz people to have some help with ad’s.


Good luck @77nick77 I hope that it helps you out. The long release thing sounds like a good option

It can be irritating to have to carry a wallet around with lunchtime pills to work

I always used to forget them too


I take prozac 20mg in the morning. I skip some days and it doesn’t seem to affect me much. Maybe if I get a serious bout of depresion or negatives again I’ll try out wellbutrin as well, but for now things look mostly ok.

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