Great I have a predator after me

:’( :’( :’(

this sucks.

I’m never going on the internet again

■■■■ you.

I feel you my friend, I have had several internet stalkers, as long as you don’t feed them with your responses they give up after a while

You don’t have to respond to those jerks. They aren’t worth it. They are just mean people who find enjoyment in harassing others. They have no purpose bothering you, and you don’t deserve their abuses. Stay strong, Odysseus.
(btw, I am a fan of the Odyssey and think your name is awesome :slight_smile: )

Man I gotta go now.

Dude you’re gonna hold that grudge for the rest of your life and opiate withdrawal is going to amplify it ten fold. You’re not yourself man.

I gotta go. cya.