Great first day!

I’m so proud for actually going through with showing up to my first day at work, and I think I will really like it since I am with dogs all day, don’t have to interact with people except a few coworkers. it seems a little high stress as I could be dealing with 25 dogs at a time and there’s chances for dog fights to happen. that makes me nervous but I’m glad I overcame my anxiety for not backing out of this opportunity. F U anxiety!!!


Well done Madi. Digs can be great but 25 is a lot!

Havnt seen you around before. Are you new or you been here a long time?


Good going @madi !


I’ve been on here only a couple months don’t really post that much honestly, but this place helps so i’m trying to stick with it and not be afraid to interact!


Well welcome aboard.
I feel like this is one of the more controlled parts of the internet with mods having strict(ish) rules so theres not much to ne scared about unless you wanna talk about Jesus or George Bush XD


Awesome ,way to go. I’m sure the anxiety will ease and it will get easier over time, even routine and boring.

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Nice job! and congrats

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Well done you. So glad you got through it and hope things continue to go well for you.


That sounds like an awesome job. You get to work with floofs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good job!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

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You should be proud of yourself!

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anxiety can be crippling, i love to hear when ppl push on through. in retrospect it usually pays off in spades

Good going @madi!
Really, good for you!

Congratulations! We wish you the best in your new job.