Great another serial killer movie :(

The Voices :confused: (2014)
Dark comedy full of stereotypes? yuk

“Just blood and gore with a
pointless plot.”

“Just blood and gore with a pointless plot.”

I always thought a good movie would be a serial killer who hunted serial killers.

So the entire movie you think he is killing innocent people but then at the end you find out he was killing serial killers, a serial killer killer. I wonder what would be best though? To have the guy caught and then it comes out or have the guy die only to find out that he was a hero after the fact.


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I did it!


Holy fuck! Pan is humorous :)))


I watched this… He didn’t kill serial killers.

Sort of the premise of Dexter, although they were pretty blatant about it.



I once choked a box of Cheerios to death. And also three boxes of Wheaties.

Get it? Lol.


@katwomansz, I’ve no plans to watch that movie. Nor do I plan on watching An American Crime but I have read info about the true events surrounding An American Crime.

An American Crime is a true story about the death of Sylvia Likens. Because of Sylvia Likens, I am quiet and, as much as I wish I could have been born in her lifetime and taken her place, I reserve a special place for her in my mind/heart. This year I will have a memorial for her.

Sylvia Likens endured the worst life and death. Online accounts tell her story but each one does not have the space to submit all of what she endured. I will not share with you what this youth went through. Knowing this stuff can break folks, not just their hearts.

But for purposes of posting her story as has been made into some kind of movie, I text-bash those who take a role to just star in any role. Sometimes I wonder how acting and producing folks would react if they encountered one of the worst female bitches of all time: Gertrude Baniszewski.

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I totally killed a Mickey Mouse telephone once and my sister never let me get another. I still feel as I am living a nightmare from hurting my favorite friend, Mickey Mouse. Pleas help!

Say three Hail Mary’s and donate $12.50 to your local church, then God will forgive you.

I have no interest in crime movies.
But I try to catch movies with sz people to monitor the Stereotype quotient.

There were a couple good ones that we’re talked about.
But the voices just looks like one that slanders the word sz.

Take that media wammm messing with the honor of the sz world.

I straight up killed corn pops when I was a kid :slight_smile:

is it not a comedy then?

Yeah, but I bet that was one of those rare cases where they probably deserved it.

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anyone got any animal skulls under there beds from childhood? haha

If you do, don’t let them near @mortimermouse! We all know what he would do to them!


hahaha good one lol

I bought a cool leather hatband in scottsville, AZ that incorperates a skull and feathers.

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Its just on tv thet say if you collected animal bones as a child it means you are a serial killer