GRE Test... Yikes!

Hello peeps!

Just wondering:

Has anybody here ever taken the GREs (Graduate Record Exam)?

What were your experiences? What did you find difficult? Any tips?


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I never took it. But I did take the LSAT. There are classes out there to help you prepare for the GRE, and there are workbooks you can buy online that help you prepare. Then you can take practice tests to see how you’re doing


Thanks @Pianogal! Have already bought some books and am studying for the test… To be honest, it’s whooping my arse after 10 years of not being in school :upside_down_face:

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I picked a major that doesn’t require GRE test scores. I had a few friends and a sister take it, and the ones who did the best had a tutor or took a prep class offered by their college. The ones who went solo didn’t do nearly as well.

Ive been told that the GRE is one of those tests where you have to practice how to take it, because the way you take it is as important as the knowledge they test you on.

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Yea, it’s super tricky in its questioning so I totally get where you’re coming from @Squanchy. Thanks!

Not all schools require it. I have an MBA and I never took it.

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I took it. My advice is to get the review books, and if you can, take a prep class. The GRE doesn’t test your knowledge of topics or your ability to problem-solve. It only tests your ability to take a GRE test. And also, get the documentation you need to get special accommodations. The test is very long, you will be staring at a screen for 4 hours and have very few breaks, but also constantly being reminded how much time has passed. I am a naturally good test taker, and got an 1860 (1400 without the writing portion) on my SAT without even studying. The GRE is a hellscape like no other. Do not assume you will do well because you have a tendency to ace tests. Take whatever boosts you can get.

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That’s true @TomCat-- luckily the program I’m looking into doesn’t pay too much attention to the score, they just want it as a supplement to the application.

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Thanks for your reply, @ninjastar! Your SAT score is impressive-- totally wish I was a good test taker, but alas, I’m not :upside_down_face:

I’ll definitely echo what you’ve said about how the test is designed to see how well you take the test itself, rather than measure actual knowledge… I’ve heard you have to think extremely logically when answering questions, as the test will try to trick you.

I’m unsure if I’ll ask for accommodations, but it’s good to know they exist just in case.

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I did but it was 25 years ago.

A pretty tough exam

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Yea @steffifan, they’ve since changed the formatting and made the test computer-based… Probably just another way to make it more difficult, lol.

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