Grateful is relative

This site was moved to here from an older site. I mean that I think this site was built from scratch but it was based on some older forums. Many, many, people probably remember the old site. But the reason this current site was made was because the old forums crashed often. They would work fine for four months but then all of a sudden they would not work and you couldn’t access them. Sometimes they would be fixed in two weeks but it could also take as long as three weeks or even a month once.

And near the end, they would only work half-way or sporadically and that could last weeks where you could post something one minute and the next minute no one could open the thread and answer and only one forum would work while every other forum was down and it could switch back and forth all day for weeks. I think the older members here appreciate this site a little more than newer members who for them, this site is all they know. But imagine this site shutting down every two month and staying inaccessible for a couple weeks and you will appreciate it more the way it is right now.


I was a long time member on the old site - this new site is a big improvement, I am grateful - thankful for the new site.


I was never on the old site. And I’ve only been on this new site for about 5 months now.

I found this forum under a general google search of…“Who’s Nuttier Than I Am?”…

And this site popped up! :wink:


I remember the old site, I was a member for a while, but then I was hospitalised several times and forgot about it, until mynrecent relapse and med review

The insane spamming in the Family forum was especially nutz. Poor Bevkay was pulling her hair out trying to deal with it. The new forum software automatically catches trolls trying to create multiple accounts and stomps 'em flat. It’s awesome.


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Pixel and SzAdmin catch up to those spammers and give them the hoof!!

Pfft the internet…Is that thing still around?