Grant the Homeless Person

I know Grant from volunteering at a church that took in homeless people during the cold winter months. He has a crazy way of looking at people. ( I mean his eyes are askew). He has been frequenting a place I go to get away from things. I also see him at the library. He sleeps at the place at night. I was going to give him a bag of cookies as a friendly gesture. Yesterday afternoon I went to this place and he was there a few steps ahead of me wearing a dress with woman’s shoes and preening his long hair. I was shocked and surprised. I was glad I hadn’t given him the bag of cookies. I left after a while in a hurry feeling quite disconcerted. Whhhaaat???

Sorry, I don’t understand. So he doesn’t deserve cookies because he is a cross dresser?

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No. I don’t want to come on to a homosexual. I have unfounded homosexual fears myself.

If you have personal objections to homosexuality, that is fine. But he isn’t going to think you are coming onto him just by being nice. And actually most cross dressers are heterosexual.

I think you are trying to correct me.

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I’ll say this and leave it at that. If there is one positive thing about suffering it is that it helps a person understand that others suffer. I find it sad that people are so adamant against understanding another human being as a person even when they experience the same. Most people think we are mad psychos who will butcher them and their family as soon as they turn their backs on us. If a group should be able to understand that people judge too harshly, I think it would be us. Also, we need all the help we can get as far as understanding goes ourselves.