Grandparents staying for the weekend

My mom’s parents are here for the weekend…and I know the weekend is almost over so it’s a non-issue and I don’t even technically live with my parents as I have a separate apartment on their property to go back to. I’ve already been asked if I’m “working on anything special lately”…I just said not at the moment as I thought twice about bringing up clubhouse and having to explain that. I just hate and fear being asked what I’m doing with my life in any way shape or form.

My grandmother though is a very nice lady…she is intelligent and with the times…my grandfather however is a piece of work. He has a 4th grade education, not that I can judge as I have about an 8th grade one myself, he has what would probably qualify as severe ADHD too. I was sitting out on my parents deck yesterday when I swear I heard my grandfather say to my mom “Isn’t he supposed to be in a mental hospital?”…there’s a chance I misheard what he said but what the heck sounds like ‘mental hospital’? I don’t know I’m not dwelling on it.

What got me going today was when I overheard him talking about my aunt’s ex husband who was a tenant of his until he committed suicide a few months ago. He owed $3000 in back rent when he killed himself and my grandfather was going on about all the ‘goodies’ he took from him after he died in compensation for the back rent owed. This guy is a real piece of work…my grandfather that is…my aunt’s ex husband was not only a real nice guy but someone who struggled with combat trauma, severe depression and a drinking problem…and all my grandfather cares about when he commits suicide is the money he owed him.

I swear some people…if they weren’t family I’d avoid them like the plague.


Mt father’s cousin is visiting the States from Australia, she is staying at one of my Aunt’s house.
I refuse to meet with this woman. Family or no family, she is just a toxic person - she gossips and back stabs other family members behind their backs. She is a raging alcohol, compulsive gambler, chain smoker, liar and troublemaker - I made it clear to my dad that I refuse to meet with her - my father seemed to understand my position.
No toxic people for me in my life- they set me back and increase my anxiety levels.
I do understand that she is considered family, but she is still toxic - I cannot handle this