Grandious delusions

A person’s delusions can be quite resistant to reason. It takes a pretty good shot of reality to overcome them. Sometimes the only thing that can help is medication.

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no I never had hallucinations of any sort. I just lose touch with reality.

Medication was the only thing that damped my delusions down enough that I could be reasoned with. Once the delusion was gone I still had ingrained habits left as a result of living with them for a while, but therapy fixed those. I was so important at one time that an advanced alien civilization had to modify their colonisation plans all just because of little old me.



It is so crazy! Delusions are so evil!

What medication reduced/took away your delusions? What side effects did you encounter? Also are you male/female?

Chlorpromazine and Haldol, initially. Then Clozapine, Zyprexa and Geodon. Still trying to lose the weight I gained because of Zyprexa.

Damn near all of them at one point.

Male, late forties. Very high-functioning now. Able to hold down some jobs. Self-employed and do a lot of volunteer work as well. Married with one kid in teens.


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Not to forget that there is a difference between someone who thinks he or she is special, and someone who IS special.

It is not a good idea to through both into the same basket.

what would you consider to be special? thinking youre better than everybody else when youre not?

No. Special as in saying “i have the keyes to the world…the world is mine”

wouldnt that kind of person be somebody successful like bill gates or atleast a significant politician? what is the point in thinking the keys to the world are yours when you cant open a damn thing with them?

One who is special, is also one who does not think so. To think so would place ones self in the “I am superior” category. That is a flaw.

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My grandiose religious delusions got to a point where When people were crying because of me not realizing i was ill ,
I thought they were being healed when they cried. And I was just smiling like a crazy person telling my mom. It’s ok your being healed. Then later that day I finally snapped out of it. Traumatising to say the least.

There has been a grandiose element in my telepathy delusion: to have been ‘chosen’ and ‘gifted’ (blehh).

In my case, the grandiose trend was connected to me keeping everything that I experienced hidden from others, I had this sense of it being too controversial, and the people not being ready for my great powers. I didn’t tell anybody about my experiences. I kept it hidden for half a year - even though it was dominating my life.