Grandious delusions

What is the best way to approach a person with grandious delusions of believing he is a “big” person and that God has made him so, he has the keys to the world and is actually quite cheerfull yet heart voices and suspects there are cameras observing him when being in in voluntarily treatment.

Is it more/less difficult to smash someones delusions depending on if it is a grandiose, persecuted, somatic etc.?

tell him that if he really was made grandiouse by god why he needs to be in a hospital then. why he isnt preocupied with fullfilling his wishes but instead is made to think he is something special.

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Yeah that is good. Actually we have asked him “where are you?” for him to understand that he is in a LOCKED UP FACILITY.
But he is like “It’s a joke, It’s a mistake”, “that they are filming him in his room” but he is super chili, he can say statements about others in there like “that guy rally need help”, “I dont belong here with these ill people”.

actually they most likely are filming him but not because he is special but because they want to make sure he doesnt hurt himself. i know i was ‘filmed’ in the hospital because i saw a huge camera hanging from the ceiling. but yeah its hard to tell people who have a high regard for themselves that they arent special in any way perhaps tell him that he hasnt achieved anything extraordinary in his life: he isnt an actor, he isnt a rockstar, he hasnt earned a million or that he isnt even married yet. he is just an average joe like 90% of the population in regards of achievement. the only unique thing he has is that he is mentally ill and delusional.

Is it possible to be grandiose, persecuted and somatic delusional everything at once?

I would say so. I was all that except somatic

I think it is easier if either the whole or some parts of psychosis are recognized to cause distress. I think so because sometimes, delusions are explained by an appeal to motivated reasoning. But motivated reasoning can work both ways. I exploited it to interpret myself as psychotic rather than telepathic, because I figured that when I would write the pro’s and con’s down, to see it as a treatable illness would cause me less distress. If someone is perfectly content to be delusional, not experiencing distress at all, this foothold cannot be exploited.

I have to say, no matter what people told me, I was out of reality during my psychosis. I did have exact same delusions as your friend. Cameras, grandiose etc. I never believed what other people told me, I thought it was just for amusement. I thought the psychiatrists were actors. Just a lot of funny stuff in my head. I got better only when the meds kicked in about two months. My relapse lasted about 5 months. But I have to tell you something, I only believed my sister during my first psychosis. We were sitting and I asked her if she had put cameras in her living room and she said, no. I was delusional but I believed her and I was relieved. If your friend trusts someone like that, it might work.


I have had some of this grandious delusions in the past, but this made me to think and I wondered why it is always ‘grandious’ and not for example ‘diminutiveness’, just wondering.

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Were you forced to comply to take the meds these 2 months?

I mean, if you were not then you has some good insight. But If one thinks he or she is fine they might not take it becasue the are “FINE”.

What med were you on?

My first prescription was Abilify 5 mg. But I thought it was a joke but I took it anyway. My sister really helped me with reality check. It’s important to have someone to trust. On Abilify, I gained my sanity back in about 1-2 months. But I was psychotic for a total of 9 months. I’m just lucky that I have a an easy-going attitude. I don’t know how someone stubborn would take meds. Maybe an injection would work better or you could lie about the nature of the med?

Were you psycotic 9 months prior being put on meds?

yeah my delusions started in about december 2011, I also had extreme anger issues then it got worse till august 2012. I got hospitalized but still didn’t believe until about october 2012. I had completely lost touch with reality. I think lying about the med might work best, you could say it’s for thyroid or something. Does this person trust you in any way?

yeah I was quite stubborn, when I started taking the injections it was horrible, the first few months I didn’t want to take them but I was pretty complying with it at the same time. It was weird, I can’t even make sense of it

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I’ve had a few hit’s of sneaky brained thinking… and some of the delusions never really went away…

My family eventually tried an approach of "Well that may be the universe tapped you… but you still have to learn how to manage on the physical plane as well… "

(I thought I could heal people by laying on of hands… and that I was tapped to be a zen master and help the world)

My docs and my family did try to talk me out of that one… but it never really worked. It’s still with me… and at times it comes back… but other times I have to put it on the back shelf in my head… and still go to work… and still study for class… still kid sit my niece and nephew…

There are some that are still with me… that I’ve had to learn to work around. I’m lucky that mine didn’t involve persecution or being stalked… I’ve met a few people who suffer that one… it’s very hard for them to get out and going.

Did you also have auditory hallucinations?