Grandiose delusion questions

I had a delusion that consist in someone else reading my thoughts, my question is: Do the medication prevent me of thinking that? How the medication works? Do you have any proofs about someone else read your mind if you have sz?

yes if you have a psychiatrist and are on meds it should take care of that kind of thinking that someone is reading your mind…no one is reading your mind. that would be unstable thinking that needs medication.

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My meds helped some, but therapy did the heavy lifting.

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Well I dont believe anymore that someone is reading my mind, but I feel some worried…

Yes meds should prevent these thoughts(delusion of telepathy, thought broadcasting…), they stop psychotic symptoms (voices, delusions and thought disorders).

It is very hard to understand how and why szs believe in their delusions, often there is apparently no proofs (they say they ‘sensed’ that things are this way, they just know it or they noticed subtle things with this hidden messages), other times the ‘proofs’ are from some hallucinations, false memories or misinterpretation of some events.

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Oh…I have a lot of that! During my psychotic break I had lots of fake memories, the worst one was about a murder supposedly I commited, but all that was fake…

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yes, another common thing is to confuse memories with dreams…

Meds only do so much, you have to challenge your delusions. Question the logic and legitimacy of them with the help of a therapist.

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I have the same thing. You have to ask these questions. Who, Why, and How would someone read your mind. That’s all I think about, but it’s completely bogus and made up. I’m afraid I may act out due to these delusions if they happen long enough. Determine who you think is reading your mind and do a lot of research on it.

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