Grain-Free Dog Food

This is a great example of the unintended consequences that can result from making decisions based on scientific conjecture and preliminary hypotheses. In this case, the hypothesis was never a good one. If you are a pet owner, you may have noticed the recent trend toward grain-free dog or cat food. The justification for this trend is the notion that since dogs are essentially wolves, and wolves are pure carnivores, then we should not be feeding our dogs grains. This is basically the paleo diet for dogs.

It should be noted, however, that many carnivores do need to get some plant matter in their diet. They may get this from the stomachs of the herbivores they eat. Wolves will also occasionally eat berries as a minor supplement to their diet. But sure, wolves don’t generally eat grains. But that is not the problematic premise here.

The problem with the grain-free diet claim is that while modern dogs are closely related to wolves, they are not wild wolves. They evolutionarily split from wild wolves 15-40,000 years ago. Over that time their diet has shifted significantly. They no longer hunt in packs, but live off the scraps of human civilization. And they have adapted.


Dominic D’Agostino (PhD and a scientist) on Joe Rogan’s podcast have mentioned how good and important meat is for dogs.

Basically a ketogenic diet for pets.

The article was saying all meat is bad for dogs. Dogs are used to eating everything and are not obligate carnivores.

My dog gets hilife. Not sure if it’s grain free but at one point she was really fussy and not eating her dog food. When I found this she really enjoyed it so I kept her on it.

Huh? My vet said meat is excellent for dogs. For dogs, raw meat can be beneficial for their skin and their fur. On purpose, we give the dogs uncooked meat or egg, but we vaccinate, medicate them with heartworm medicine and other things every month, and we brush their teeth every day.

We always get food with natural ingredients in it. Feeding them with veggies and meat can be really good for their health.

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