Graffitti spooky

Heppens like this !


did you draw this?

ps: and is it zergling at your avatar?:slight_smile:

yessssss !!! yessss zergling is my avatar !!!

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do you play starcraft 2. i have legacy of void patch and i m terran.maybe we can match together.but i m really terrible player

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i have only starcraft starter edition …i have warcraft 3 frozen throne…I didnt bought starcraft2 legacy of the void cuz maybe i will need to reinstall windows, and i dont know if youo can redownload it again…do you have warcraft 3 ft… in starcraft i am too terrible :smiley:

by your saying starter edition means wings of liberty.if so i have also wings of liberty patch.i dont know anything about warcraft.but maybe we can play wings of liberty patch.

awesome …!!!


great art work!

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epic graffiti, bro

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