Graduating from the clinic

So my therapist told me that she was going private practice last month. I decided I’d follow her over there and just keep coming to the public clinic for my meds. But today, my NP told me that since I’ve been stable on the same dose for over a year, she thinks I can start going to my PCP for meds, and I could be discharged from the clinic entirely.

I’m not sure what to do. On the one hand, it will be cheaper to see my PCP once a year instead of a specialist every three months. And I dislike my current NP, so I wouldn’t be sorry to see her go. On the other hand, I’ve been going to this clinic every month for the past 6 years, and it will be weird to no longer be there.

It’s fairly low risk. Since it’s the public clinic, I can just get a walk-in appointment at any time if I decide to come back. But I’m nervous about this. What do you guys think I should do?

  • Go to your PCP
  • Stay at the public clinic

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Sorry what’s PCP?

Primary care practitioner. It’s what we call general doctors in the US.

Ah ok, we call them GP’s here in the UK.

I think if you can get access to the clinic in an emergency, it’s not too much of a problem to go back to PCP.

If it was like it is here where it can take a long time to get back into the system, I’d say otherwise.

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That really depends on how stable you feel. I’ve been a bit unstable lately so I’ve upped my seeing the pdoc. If I was stable for a few years I might go less, but tbh I wouldn’t stop seeing them altogether.

If your PCP can prescribe yo ur meds, I’d see them and see your therapist private when you are able to get in. Our PCPs don’t do psychiatric meds down in my county, so I am wondering if yours will. Maybe check first.

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My PCP can prescribe them. She just isn’t a mental health expert, so if I ever need an adjustment, I will need to either make the suggestion myself or go to the clinic again. My nurse practitioner’s point is that I’ve been stable on the same dose for over a year, and it would have been 4 years if I hadn’t tried lowering after 2 years of stability a while back. And that I tend to know when I’m starting to slip, and be able to seek help on my own. And because, having done this work for a living for the past 10 years, I generally know my way around psych meds and their effects.

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I told my pdoc to let me know if they go somewhere. I’d rather to self pay a few times a year than take my chances with another pdoc. I hate getting switched around.

I asked several times to have a pcp do my meds and they tell me i have to see a pdoc. So I’m pretty determined to stay with the current one.

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I agree with dearzombie. see both but stop seeing the public clinic. good move…

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I’ve found gp’s to have no idea about sz. Sure they can give me my meds but specialist care is a good thing. I’ve been that stable for so long but still like to touch base with my shrink. I’d be keeping with your specialist option for sure!

And…well done to you for staying healthy and mentally well!

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I see Pdoc once every six months as medical aid only covers two sessions a year. If I move to AWS and get a pay increase will up my medical aid to be able to see Pdoc every three months as think thats best.

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My medical aid covers 15 a year.

Why is yours so low ?1

They diagnosed you with major depressive disorder then because that gets 15 visits schizophrenia only gets 2

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