GPs are feckin useless here

They don’t do person to person since covid.

It’s all on the phone.

Means I have to endure a bloody park visit in the rain to get some privacy.


Are you speaking of privacy ? I just recollected this.

EDIT : Did you notice the back hat guy at the back. :rofl:

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I don’t like calling the GP in the comfort of my own home.

Housemates and landlord can hear.

They don’t know I have psychotic disorder either.


Ok, I got you now,

I did not get you at the first time.

Yes that is a concern.

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I havent seen the GP in years. I basically moaned and said i refuse to get paranoid, sitting in their waiting room.

Any blood tests, is done by the nurse that does the depot jab at home - and passed on to them.

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