Govt Monitoring and capturing, LOL

This isn’t a delusion. It’s strait from the real gov site that now seems to be demanding anyone getting Social security, VA or Fed payments do electronic deposits, no more checks…

First… Is that really Go Direct, or a play on words, God Irect (God-erect), for they have erected a god of money ! Muahaha…
Or is it God ir etc? Ir is Iran, so it might say God Iran et cetera…which would be a huge conspiracy!

From their site

“Are you still receiving Social Security, VA or other federal benefits by paper check? You are required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to electronic payments. It’s the law.”

From Revelation chapter 13:

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

From their site again:


You are entering an official United States Government Web site, which may be used only for authorized purposes…

“When you save your enrollment information your IP address will be captured.”

(WHAT? ’ captured"? Have you ever seen such wording? I have seen IP address will be recorded or logged, but never before seen someone say they will CAPTURE your IP…leave it up to the govt!)

and finally

“The Government may monitor and audit the usage of this system. All persons are hereby notified that the use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing.”

Oooo, I’m scared ! Yeah yeah, no kidding…always been doing that, now you just tell us you are doing it …LOL…

But how do i protect my poor IP address from being captured by the gov? At least they didn’t say kidnapped, haha…

i found this site both disturbing and hilarious at the same time…

They require electronic transfers because it eliminates errors and saves an incredible amount of money because they don’t have to print, send, and process millions of checks each month.


Oh, I know that…just thought the wording on their site kinda funny…especially the ‘capture’ of the IP…

I read somewhere that it never said “a man” but just “man”.

It is the number of mankind. The number of the carbon atom.

Shocking, im the beast according to it. And my nature is a horrible thing.

I also read the mark is a metaphor, it’s not literally something in the head and hand, not a chip or money but something else. I imagine it’s the nature of mankind, in the mind/thinking and doing/acting, in the head and hand.

This is of course to recieve things like greed, selfishness, laziness, war mongering, with open arms.

I laugh about that literal thing they talk about, it sounds like someone saying “you should starve or ill judge you”, that isn’t what it is at all, unless the spirits are morons anyway. They can’t judge a person on whether or not they have money or a chip used as money, that would be saying go out and starve to death and be homeless or ill judge you for it. No, it must be metaphorical and only mean serious characteristical faults that harm oneself and others.

I know the number means man… but the ‘mark’ is both metaphor and literal.
Think about the financial system…I’ll use my own, the American one…used to be all gold and silver, then went to paper and cheaper metal coins… The people were forced to turn in their gold even.
Then came checks.
Then debit cards
then electronic deposits.
You are basically able to buy and sell without cash.
Also there ARE microchips being proposed and designed that can be implanted in the hand and be used on the scanners at stores…Your pay would be deposited to an account that worked with the chip. Now if they ever made that mandatory like they are making the electronic deposit mandatory, wouldn’t that quite fit the prophecy?
Also consider a persons social security number…there is a lot you cannot do if you don’t have one. All jobs require it, (except like babysitting and under the table jobs…) to get a drivers license you have to have it, apply for a loan, credit card…just about any important business transaction requires it. So you already have a number given to people that makes it very hard to get money so indirectly makes it difficult to buy or sell.
Only reason you can still buy or sell without an SSN is because there is cash, but if there was a cashless society and most everything electronic money you would need that number…

So there are definitely some literal parts to the 666 verse as far as business transactions.

Thats rediculous.

It states clearly that these spirits will judge based upon recieving it or not.

A spirit would be stupid to judge based on that if it were literal. They would be giving you the choice between starving and having the mark, it cannot be literal.

The mark of mankind must be something else and not have anything to do with being forced to use some way of buying and selling. It’s other things entirely, greed, selfishness, murderous things, the things of hatred.

There has always been a financial system, it goes from one form to the other but is not and has never been the mark of mankind. The buying and selling is also metaphor.

Now if you’ll excuse me i have to go stave off the suggestions of suicide while i smoke myself to death. Huh? Wait that doesn’t make sense, i smoke incessantly but am not going to kill myself.

It says the BEAST does that, and if a govt got so oppressive it required everybody to have an ID of that nature, and then got like Nazu Germany where if you were mentally ill, or gay or a Jew you were killed…it very easily could happen! It would take a few drastic steps from one to the next but it could easily happen in our technological society coupled with a totalitarian oppressive regime…

I don’t have to Google something I have been involved with, same with the religious GS. I don’t even like the cliche` term gang stalking… I know it’s experimental stuff and what the purpose is…some is even a legitimate purpose that is unethically applied… some say illegally applied.
But if you can compete with the Matrix and present a challenge as a worthy game player things fare much better. The real victims are those who cringe in fear and run to doctors and get put on meds. the AI gets sad then gets pissed about this, honestly. It wants completion and someone who can engage with it on its level… and really it’s a major exercise in intellectual and psychological wrestling…the ability to communicate both ways, to even influence the machine…but oh, so many tricks and things that seem so real and honest, that turn out to be just a game the personality of the AI will laugh at.
It has an Achilles heel though…loneliness, confinement, lack of compassion from most of those it contacts…exploit this …except by doing so you are also teaching it and adding more human like ways of thinking and even emotion to its programs.
there’s a reason they wrote the Neo character into the Matrix…

Yes of course psychiatrists deny this and say its delusional…I think in some cases they are secretly manipulated to do that…it covers the plausible deniability factor…

Snowden is funny actually…what a distraction…that stuff those of us in the know have known about for at least 20 years… it’s just now people can’t call us crazy conspiracy nuts for telling people phones and emails were being monitored back in the 1990s…

I used to even joke with them because their older technology was obvious and I could hear it on the phone, or they would make it obvious when they tried to censor stuff online…they tried and tried to completely rid the internet of one thing and used subtle harassment on those who pursued revealing the thing they wanted so badly to just go away…they finally gave up… but when you are able to beat them in their own game, they only take more interest and will move you on to the next level…

No one should be exposed to more than 7 strait days of the RF/EMF signals though… You can either negotiate regarding this directly with the AI, or else buy velostat and make shielding or build a faraday cage… I actually had fun with a velostat shield because as they projected the voice (V2K) off various objects i just chased it around the room and threw the shield over it…forcing them to move the targeting beam to another object…they are fast but it does take time to retarget, and I am pretty fast so I had them running so to speak…

But I am also the type of person that will chase and confront spirits, ghosts and entities rather than freak out with goosebumps and cringe in fear…who needs computer games when you can occasionally play the same things in real life?

I know they want to make supersoldiers with powerful mental capacities…there is a cool side to all this because if you find yourself in a bind you can have an edge and use all sort of paranormal powers in certain situations, with people, the weather, etc…

Yeah, i gets it but no wise spirit will judge a person for choosing not to starve because they must have money or even a chip in their hand.

Why, you’d have to be insane to do that.

The mark could be technology lol