Government is cracking down on benefit fraud

Does anyone here think I am fraud? I at times think I am. But then I realise I have experienced psychosis and it does effect me, especially when trying to hold down a full time job. I will be out there working at some point but I cannot handle more than part-time. I get paranoid.

I still have not got a start date for my new job which is frustrating.


I don’t think you’re a fraud. If your psychosis causes problems at work then you should probably get some help from the government.


You’re not a fraud. If you havn’t lied about your condition on your forms you have nothing to worry about. I think there is a horrible bias against people who claim money because they are unable to work for mental health reasons. Its perfectly acceptable to expect to receive some government income if you are medically unable to work. I feel like a benefit fraud advert (or something) has made you feel guilty/paranoid. But you didn’t make up having schizophrenia and all of the symptoms that come with it. You are not a fraud.


This from a government that is by far the worst in the Uk since the end of WW2 when it comes to lining its members’ pocket.s The hypocrisy is at a puke making level.


I’ve found you take what you can get when it comes to the government programs. Honestly. you’ve had psychosis. You’ve had to deal with what 1 % or so of the population has had to deal with and you can’t do what 99% of the population does.

Don’t feel guilty. It’s simply common decency and keep on the path to getting well.


I don’t think you’re a fraud, i hope you don’t let this thought overwhelm you. You got this!


You’re not a fraud. You’ve got nothing to worry about, unless you lied about psychosis and/or your ability to work enough to support yourself


If you are not lying about having a MI and if you have good documentation from your pdoc then you are probably going to be fine.

When you can you should enjoy yourself. Politics is garbage anyways.

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Dear ish,

You are not doing anything wrong; the disability payment is there to help you.


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